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Vehicle Options: NGVs Serve an Unmatched Range of Users

The breadth of natural gas vehicle options is unmatched by any other alternative fuel vehicle.

Cleaner goods movement

All kinds of delivery fleets use NGVs, and the state’s major ports have made natural gas–powered trucks a key part of their plans to cut port-related pollution. With the growth of the natural gas fueling infrastructure and the introduction of more powerful heavy-duty engines, natural gas is increasingly powering goods movement nationwide.

The best garbage trucks

Moving from diesel trucks to NGVs is the most effective way to alleviate the pollution problems caused by refuse hauling, according to the nonprofit environmental research organization INFORM. NGVs dramatically cut air pollutant emissions and noise, improving the quality of life for city residents and refuse workers.

Clean bus and van transit

Transit and school bus operators continue to favor NGVs. About 60 percent of California’s public transit fleet runs on natural gas. And natural gas vans, shuttles and taxis are helping California airports reduce their emissions.

The easiest commute

Californians who drive CNG passenger vehicles can save time and money by refueling at home and using carpool lanes even when driving alone.

Photo courtesy Ford Motor Co.