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RNG Use Rises as Policy Makers, Businesses See Benefits

Investment in RNG use is gaining traction, and its fans are coming from all sectors: CARB, local air districts, public and private fleets, and the University of California.

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News Briefs | 03.13.17

South Coast AQMD amends Air Quality Management Plan to increase demand for near-zero-NOx engines, new EPA leader halts request for methane data from oil and gas producers, and more.

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CDFA Rewrites Proposed Quality-Control Regulation for Natural Gas Fuels

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has substantially rewritten its proposed natural gas fuel quality-control regulation and extended the implementation date by one year. In July, the CDFA proposed mandating a minimum amount of methane in natural gas fuels by Jan. 1, 2017, and imposing labeling requirements at the pump to ensure fuel purity. […]

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News Briefs

News Briefs | 08.01.16

Coalition Briefs Legislative Staff Members on the Need for LCFS, Truck Incentives More than 30 Senate and Assembly staffers attended the Coalition’s July 20 legislative briefing at the state Capitol. During the Q&A session with Coalition President Thomas Lawson, Randy Chinn, chief consultant to the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, asked what the CNGVC is […]

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Symposium Highlights Urgent Need for Methane Solutions

The June 29 Rethink Methane Symposium drove home the urgent need to deal with the roadblocks that impede RNG development and use in California. There is widespread agreement on the problems, reports Coalition President Thomas Lawson: Methane emissions are an ongoing issue, and air pollution along California’s freight corridors disproportionately harms the health of surrounding […]

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State Agencies Address Methane Leaks

In the wake of the massive Aliso Canyon gas leak, which was plugged in February, state regulatory agencies are looking at a variety of ways to prevent future leaks. CARB, the CEC, and the California Public Utilities Commission held a joint symposium June 6–7 on methane emissions from California’s natural gas system. A week later, […]

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