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RNG Use Rises as Policy Makers, Businesses See Benefits

Investment in RNG use is gaining traction, and its fans are coming from all sectors: CARB, local air districts, public and private fleets, and the University of California.

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Coalition news | LCFS

California Needs the LCFS for Cleaner Air and Continued Economic Growth

A significant shift to clean fuels is happening across California, thanks to the state’s landmark climate change programs. In just five years, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard program has helped prevent 16.6 million tons of carbon pollution, reduce petroleum use by 6.6 billion gallons, and save $1.6 million in health costs. But that’s not enough. […]

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Symposium Highlights Urgent Need for Methane Solutions

The June 29 Rethink Methane Symposium drove home the urgent need to deal with the roadblocks that impede RNG development and use in California. There is widespread agreement on the problems, reports Coalition President Thomas Lawson: Methane emissions are an ongoing issue, and air pollution along California’s freight corridors disproportionately harms the health of surrounding […]

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