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Sacramento Signals Support for Clean Transportation Legislation

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April 2, 2018

As California’s legislative session moves into its fourth month, policy makers are showing signs of support for the Coalition’s fuel-neutral approach to clean transportation policy.

“We’re getting some clear signals from legislators that it’s time to remove barriers to clean vehicle adoption,” said Coalition President Thomas Lawson. One sign was the packed house for the Coalition’s March 8 legislative briefing, which drew a bipartisan group of over 30 policy makers to learn about the role of renewable fuels for California.

Another example is the support for AB 2061, which unanimously passed out of the Assembly Transportation Committee March 19. The bill, which the Coalition is co-sponsoring, allows a weight limit exemption for near-zero-emission or zero-emission heavy-duty trucks.

“With a standards-based approach to lowering emissions, there don’t need to be technology winners or losers,” said Lawson. “We’ve partnered with the zero-emission industry associations because fleets should be able to choose any, and all, alternative-fuel trucks that work for their businesses.”

AB 2061 now moves into the Appropriations Committee, which will hear it in April. It is expected to move on the Assembly for a vote, as its budgetary impact is expected to be minimal. All 26 states with similar legislation have reported no negative fiscal effects.

Lawson anticipates equally bipartisan support for AB 2506. That bill, which would require at least 30 percent of heavy-duty state vehicles to be near zero emission, is slated for an April 11 committee hearing. Lawson also is optimistic about other bills on the Coalition’s Legislation Watch list, in large part because the Legislature remains fairly moderate and tends to be practical.

“The governor and legislators engage in lots of aspirational talk about how clean California’s air should be, and these bills help put us on that path,” he said.

Coalition members can urge policy makers to support clean transportation legislation by submitting letters of support and adding their company to the list of supporters for each bill. It is important to send the message to the Legislature that there is broad industry backing for these bills. Please e-mail Thomas Lawson for guidance or resources.

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