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State and Regional Plans Comments

11.01.13 | Comments on the AB 32 Scoping Plan discussion draft | PDF 11.01.12 | Comments on the draft 2012 ZEV Action Plan | PDF 10.22.12 | Comments on CARB’s draft Vision for Clean Air | PDF 02.14.12 | Comments on the Southern California Association of Governments’ 2012–35 Draft Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy | PDF 01.25.12 | Comments […]


Prop 1B Comments

11.30.12 | Comments on the staff’s draft concept paper for updating program guidelines | PDF 11.18.11 | Comments on the preliminary staff proposal for 2011 funding awards | PDF 03.04.10 | Comments to CARB on the proposed update to Proposition 1B, Goods Movement Emissions Reduction Program | Download PDF


Low Carbon Fuel Standard Comments, Letters and Workshops

07.08.15 | Letter to CARB from the CNGVC, NGVAmerica and the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas regarding proposed LCFS regulatory changes and updates to the CA-GREET model | PDF 12.15.14 | Letter to CARB from the CNGVC, NGVAmerica and the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas regarding CARB’s proposed reauthorization of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard regulation and […]


Certification Requirements Comments

  03.08.13 | Comments on CARB’s alternative fuel vehicle conversion certification program | Download PDF 02.05.13 | CARB response to Coalition suggestions on certification and OBD requirements for NGVs from small-volume manufacturers | Download PDF


AB 118 Comments

11.21.14 | Comments on the draft 2015–16 AB 118 Investment Plan | PDF 06.26.14 | Letter to the CEC requesting formation of a committee to establish project evaluation metrics PDF 02.14.14 | Comments on the revised staff draft of the 2014–15 AB 118 Investment Plan | PDF 02.12.14 | Letter regarding eligibility restrictions in Program Opportunity Notice […]


Fact-Checking the Low Carbon Fuel Standard

This op-ed article in the Capitol Weekly by Coalition President Tim Carmichael and California Electric Transportation Coalition Executive Director Eileen Tutt describes how the Low Carbon Fuel Standard benefits California’s economy. Most of us don’t think twice about our options when we stop to fill our tank with gasoline. But what if you knew you had […]

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