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News Briefs | 02.01.16

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February 1, 2016

Clean Energy Introduces Fuel Management System

Clean Energy Fuels’ new Fleet Management System for time-fill fleets uses a monitoring device on each vehicle to track the amount of fuel dispensed to the vehicle and wirelessly transmit data to a fuel management system network. Fuel consumption numbers and engine performance data can help fleet managers more accurately forecast maintenance cycles for their vehicles.

CARB Forming Advanced Clean Transit Workgroup

CARB is forming an advisory committee of members with differing perspectives to discuss development of the Advanced Clean Transit regulation. Topics will include solutions and barriers to implementing zero- and near-zero emission technologies in existing transit fleets. The committee will have seats for a variety of organizations, including several state transit agencies, the Coalition, and Southern California Gas Company. Learn more here.

Ricardo Teams with GTI to Build Low-NOx Technologies

California Automotive technology specialist Ricardo and the Gas Technology Institute are partnering on two projects to create natural gas technologies that will reduce NOx emissions from heavy-duty truck engines while improving engine performance. The projects, which SoCalGas is co-funding, involve testing advanced natural gas ignition systems and developing an ultra-low-emission natural gas engine for on-road medium and heavy-duty trucks (classes 4–7). Ricardo and GTI are targeting California fleets with these new technologies.

Researchers Developing Adsorbent Storage Systems for CNG

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering are using metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) to develop a new type of adsorbed natural gas storage system that adsorbs natural gas “like a sponge,” the researchers say. If successful, these frameworks could lead to fuel tanks that provide more energy-efficient storage. Learn more about the research here.

San Diego Approves Green Fleet Plan

San Diego’s newly approved Climate Action Plan calls for eliminating half of all greenhouse gas emissions in the city by 2035. It includes converting all diesel-powered trash trucks to CNG or other alternative low-emission fuels. The plan also supports measures that update alternative fuel and zero-emission requirements for the city’s vehicle fleet.

Greenkraft Earns EPA and CARB Certifications

Greenkraft has earned EPA and CARB certifications for 2016 vehicles with CNG-powered 6-liter engines from GM. The Southern California company also offers both Isuzu NPR trucks converted to CNG and its own vehicles based on imported chassis.

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