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News Briefs | 04.03.18

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April 2, 2018

San Joaquin Valley Launches Clean Truck Incentives

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District has approved new incentives for replacing heavy-duty trucks with cleaner vehicles, including as much as $100,000 per truck for new low-NOx trucks certified to 0.02 grams per brake horsepower-hour or cleaner. If the operator is replacing model year 2010 or newer trucks, the SJVAPCD will offer to trade them to small Valley fleets and agricultural operators in exchange for their dirty pre-2010 trucks; the district will destroy the older trucks. If no existing truck is being retired, fleets may receive as much as $20,000 per vehicle in local grants to help defray the cost of acquiring new zero- or near-zero-emission vehicles.   

CARB Has $150 Million for Emission-Reducing Freight Facilities Projects

CARB is offering grants from a pool of up to $150 million for zero- and near-zero-emission freight facilities projects that deploy emission-reducing technologies providing greenhouse gas, criteria pollutant, and toxic air contaminant emission reduction benefits to disadvantaged communities. On-road trucks, infrastructure, and facility improvements to reduce emissions from vehicles and equipment are eligible. Applications are due July 19.

South Coast Incentive to Fund Heavy-Duty Truck Replacements

CARB adopted the South Coast On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicle Incentive Measure, which will support the replacement or repowering of 1,300 heavy-duty refuse and port drayage trucks in the South Coast Air Basin with funds from the Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program. The program will replace or repower model-year 2009 and older vehicles with a certified low-NOx engine that is cleaner than the current 2010 Engine Standard. The measure targets refuse trucks because a certified and commercially viable low-NOx engine is readily available. Similarly, an engine appropriate for drayage trucks is expected to be certified and ready to buy by 2019. CARB anticipates that the measure will eliminate approximately one ton of NOx per day.

DOE Awards $7 Million to Natural Gas Engine Research

The U.S. Department of Energy has allocated more than $7 million to research projects focused on medium- and heavy-duty on-road natural gas engines. Colorado State University will receive $1.2 million to research ultralow-emission, high-efficiency heavy-duty natural gas engines with optimized combustion chamber designs. The University of Houston will get $2 million to develop catalysts with low levels of precious metals for engine emission control, and the University of Minnesota will receive $1.1 million to advance low-temperature combustion technologies. Another $3 million will support early-stage research projects at several national laboratories.

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