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Member Profile: Momentum Addresses Range Anxiety with Complete CNG Fuel System

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June 5, 2017

Momentum Fuel Technologies is in it for the long haul. The CNG fuel systems manufacturer is not only designing systems that give truckers the freedom to use NGVs to move freight long distances, but also aiming to help build the NGV industry.

“We recognize the importance of alternative fuels in California due in part to the environmental focus in the state,” said Mike Zimmerman, general manager of Momentum Fuel Technologies. “Many other states are following California’s lead and adopting a similar mindset, and they continue to believe in the long-term benefits of CNG vehicles as well.”

Momentum’s approach is to address the entire product life cycle, from manufacturing the equipment to servicing it and offering support for the trucks—and the tanks do more than just deliver fuel to the engine, Zimmerman said.

“We’ve worked hard to attack range anxiety. With our fueling systems, we’ve been able to re-create a diesel-like experience,” he added. “When you eliminate range anxiety, you’ve eliminated one of the main reasons operators haven’t transitioned to natural gas yet.”

New Momentum systems have a data link that connects the fuel system to the dashboard, giving drivers real-time engine feedback, including distance to empty. Momentum builds the tanks themselves with advanced technology: It uses 3M Matrix Resin in the manufacture, resulting in a fuel tank that’s both strong and lightweight and allowing Momentum to configure its fuel system for almost every size vehicle in vocational fleets, refuse truck fleets, and less-than-load (LTL) shipping fleets.

“We have more than 20 different configurations to fit a variety of truck bodies, including several for the refuse market. The systems’ capacities range from 30 diesel gallon equivalent (dge) all the way up to 265 dge, if you include a side-mount option,” said Zimmerman.

Momentum opened its doors in 2015 with just a handful of products. But, according to Zimmerman, the company has been designing and launching new products at a fast rate to serve additional market segments. In the last year, the company has engineered and manufactured 16 new production configurations. Most recently, it unveiled a new back-of-cab system, designed for refuse trucks, that can hold 175 dge.

Zimmerman sees a market that’s on the verge of a major breakthrough: “It couldn’t be a more exciting time to be involved with alternative fuels.”

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Photo ©Westport Innovations, used by permission

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