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Informational Hearing Could Precede Further Action on AB 363 (Medina)

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After having successfully moved AB 363 (Medina) through the Legislature up to its final policy committee hearing, by clearing all opposition, building a support coalition of over 20 organizations, and experiencing strong legislative support from Members of both Houses, the Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee decided to hold the bill in her committee to study the issue more closely.

This includes her strong interest in a potential legislative informational hearing this Fall on heavy-duty vehicles.  Afterwards, CNGVC will work with the Chair to have the bill heard in January when policy committees reconvene. 

The bill was referred to the Senate Transportation Committee after it was unanimously approved by the Senate Environmental Quality Committee.  The new Chairwoman – Senator Lena Gonzalez (D-Long Beach) – asked for more time so she could consider the effectiveness of the state’s clean transportation incentive programs before creating the new program we requested in our bill.

We welcome the opportunity to participate in the Senator’s informational hearing and further advocacy opportunities to discuss whether the state is receiving the level of air quality outcomes promised by these existing programs. 

We are confident that an objective review of current incentive strategies will reveal what we already know – that low NOx heavy-duty trucks fueled by renewable natural gas are the best option to immediately reduce greenhouse gas emissions until a zero-emission option is commercially available and can meet the required duty class application.  Otherwise, diesel trucks will continue to dominate the roads.

Photo ©Westport Innovations, used by permission