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Coalition News | 02.13.18

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Coalition, Biofuels Group Oppose Clean Cars 2040 Act

Along with the Bioenergy Association of California, the California Advanced Biofuels Alliance, and the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, the Coalition has come out in opposition to the Clean Cars 2040 Act (AB 1745), which would prevent the registration of new passenger vehicles purchased in 2040 and after that are not zero emission.

The organizations support the bill’s goals of reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, but they are concerned that the law would have a negative impact on the Low Carbon Fuel Standard program because it could restrict the market for the lowest-carbon fuels, which are critical for the success of the LCFS. Also, the act considers only tailpipe emissions rather than the life-cycle emissions of a vehicle.

Trillium CNG Joins Coalition’s Executive Committee

Trillium CNG, a member of the Love’s family of companies, has joined the Coalition’s executive committee. This year’s committee members include Clean Energy, Fastech, Nicosia Contracting International, Southern California Gas Company, and UPS.

“We’re excited to welcome Trillium CNG to the executive committee,” said Coalition President Thomas Lawson. Members who want to join the committee and “get their hands dirty” with association work can email him.

Photo ©Westport Innovations, used by permission