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Fueling Low-NOx Engines with RNG Is the Quickest Path to Cleaner Air, Report Shows

Combining low-NOx engines with RNG may be the ticket to eliminating emissions from California’s public bus system, according to a new draft report from M.J. Bradley & Associates and Ramboll Environ. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Advanced Transit Vehicle Consortium commissioned the Zero Emission Bus Options: Analysis of 2015–2055 Fleet Costs […]

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Symposium Highlights Urgent Need for Methane Solutions

The June 29 Rethink Methane Symposium drove home the urgent need to deal with the roadblocks that impede RNG development and use in California. There is widespread agreement on the problems, reports Coalition President Thomas Lawson: Methane emissions are an ongoing issue, and air pollution along California’s freight corridors disproportionately harms the health of surrounding […]

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ReFuel helps partners turn methane into RNG

ReFuel, a new Coalition member based in Sacramento, is on a mission. It wants to partner with any business that has a source of methane, from municipal garbage services to private dairy farms, to turn that methane into sellable transportation fuel. “We want to help our partners harvest and consolidate organic waste and convert it […]

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Regulation | RNG

Low Carbon Fuel Standard Compliance Rate Nears 100 Percent in 2015

CARB’s annual report on the state of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard program shows a record-high compliance rate of 98 percent in 2015. The program generated almost 5.5 million credits in the compliance year, which reduced greenhouse gas emissions as much as removing roughly 1 million cars from California’s roads, according to CARB. All regulated […]

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CEC Presents New Funding Plan for AB 118 Biofuels Program

Citing the biofuels industry’s demand for increased capital development and a lack of private investment in production facilities, the CEC is developing a funding structure that rewards the biofuel production projects that demonstrate the greatest cost effectiveness. According to the draft solicitation concept document, “This approach will support the biofuels industry … in moving into […]

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Industry Events | RNG

ACT Expo 2016 Spotlights Advances in NGV Technologies

This year’s Alternative Clean Transportation Expo is expected to draw more than 3,000 attendees, reflecting the growing use of NGVs in California fleets and increasing excitement over new near-zero-emission natural gas engines. The May 2–5 gathering in Long Beach will focus on the increasingly important role natural gas transportation plays in achieving sustainability goals set […]

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