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Current newsletter | Regulation | RNG

CPUC Releases Study Investigating Benefits of Injecting RNG into Natural Gas Pipeline

The California Public Utilities Commission recently released a comprehensive review of the technology and issues concerning injecting RNG into the natural gas pipeline.

Coalition news | Regulation | RNG

Coalitions Urge CEC to Mandate RNG Use in Government Fleets

As the CEC prepares the final draft of its 2017 Integrated Energy Policy Report, the CNGVC and the Coalition for Renewable Gas are urging staff to make bolder recommendations for the use of RNG by government agencies.

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SoCalGas Aims to Simplify Adding RNG to Its Pipeline

With a new website, tool kit, and utility regulation that lets developers begin construction on RNG projects sooner, SoCalGas aims to make it easier for RNG producers to connect to the natural gas pipeline.

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Market news | RNG

LA Metro Commits $68 Million to New CNG Buses in Quest for Zero-Emission Fleet

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority board approved $68 million in contracts for new CNG buses July 27, after voting to transition to a 100 percent zero-emission fleet by 2030.

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Coalition news | RNG

Coalition Accelerates RNG Education Efforts

The Coalition is stepping up its efforts to educate state policy makers about the financial and environmental benefits of using RNG as a transportation fuel.

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Market news | RNG

LA Metro Leads Transit Agencies in Cutting Costs and Emissions with Expanding NGV Fleet

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority is buying hundreds of new natural gas buses and shifting to RNG as the most cost-effective way to continue driving down emissions on all of its routes.

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