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News Briefs | 02.29.16

Joint Oversight Hearing Asks CARB for Metrics In a joint oversight hearing on Feb. 22, the Assembly Transportation Committee and Senate Transportation and Housing Committee asked CARB to develop metrics for each of its 50 transportation-related regulatory and incentive programs. Committee members want metrics for each program’s objectives, progress made toward them, costs, and program […]


Freight Action Plan Moves Forward

Staff from California’s transportation, air, energy, and conservation agencies are moving forward on developing the Sustainable Freight Action Plan, which is due on Gov. Jerry  Brown’s desk in July. In a series of public workshops wrapping up Feb. 5, agency staff reviewed targets for improving goods-movement efficiency and proposals for transitioning to zero- and near-zero-emission […]

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CARB Reveals 2016 Priorities

CARB is gearing up for an unprecedentedly busy year with more projects and programs on its docket than ever in the board’s history. Executive Officer Richard Corey outlined the agency’s priorities and objectives for 2016 at the Jan. 21 board meeting, highlighting the push for next-generation clean technologies, new regulations to meet California’s air quality […]


State and Regional Plans Comments

11.01.13 | Comments on the AB 32 Scoping Plan discussion draft | PDF 11.01.12 | Comments on the draft 2012 ZEV Action Plan | PDF 10.22.12 | Comments on CARB’s draft Vision for Clean Air | PDF 02.14.12 | Comments on the Southern California Association of Governments’ 2012–35 Draft Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy | PDF 01.25.12 | Comments […]


Low Carbon Fuel Standard Comments, Letters and Workshops

07.08.15 | Letter to CARB from the CNGVC, NGVAmerica and the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas regarding proposed LCFS regulatory changes and updates to the CA-GREET model | PDF 12.15.14 | Letter to CARB from the CNGVC, NGVAmerica and the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas regarding CARB’s proposed reauthorization of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard regulation and […]


Certification Requirements Comments

  03.08.13 | Comments on CARB’s alternative fuel vehicle conversion certification program | Download PDF 02.05.13 | CARB response to Coalition suggestions on certification and OBD requirements for NGVs from small-volume manufacturers | Download PDF

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