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New Bills Address Emissions, Funding

California legislators have introduced a series of new bills that would fund heavy-duty truck incentives and other low-carbon transportation projects, further reduce emissions of short-lived climate pollutants, and increase the production of renewable gas, among other initiatives to help the state meet its long-term emissions targets. The most significant bill for Coalition members is likely […]

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News Briefs | 02.29.16

Joint Oversight Hearing Asks CARB for Metrics In a joint oversight hearing on Feb. 22, the Assembly Transportation Committee and Senate Transportation and Housing Committee asked CARB to develop metrics for each of its 50 transportation-related regulatory and incentive programs. Committee members want metrics for each program’s objectives, progress made toward them, costs, and program […]


Prop 1B Comments

11.30.12 | Comments on the staff’s draft concept paper for updating program guidelines | PDF 11.18.11 | Comments on the preliminary staff proposal for 2011 funding awards | PDF 03.04.10 | Comments to CARB on the proposed update to Proposition 1B, Goods Movement Emissions Reduction Program | Download PDF


AB 118 Comments

11.21.14 | Comments on the draft 2015–16 AB 118 Investment Plan | PDF 06.26.14 | Letter to the CEC requesting formation of a committee to establish project evaluation metrics PDF 02.14.14 | Comments on the revised staff draft of the 2014–15 AB 118 Investment Plan | PDF 02.12.14 | Letter regarding eligibility restrictions in Program Opportunity Notice […]

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