CARB Makes Major Updates to Carl Moyer On-Road Program

March 13, 2022 – CARB staff has approved two major updates to Chapter 4 of the Carl Moyer Program Guidelines for On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicles. As announced during the March 1st workshop, these changes will be implemented later this month with final adoption in early April:

  • Modifies the engine model year (EMY) eligibility requirement to allow EMY 2016 trucks under the program this year.
  • Grants a manufacturer’s delay extension so fleet owners can continue to operate their current truck while waiting for delivery of their new truck.

The initial draft proposal would have made these and other proposed modifications effective January 1, 2023, but staff was receptive to the requests of CNGVC and other stakeholders regarding the need for immediate action and the detriment of delay.  These changes will greatly improve the effectiveness of the program, increase funding and participation opportunties and better align objectives to those of the Board.

Further, making the updates effective immediately will ensure greater utilization of the $45 million that was approved by the Legislature and Governor in the 2021-22 State Budget. The funds were provided to expedite the deployment of commercially available low NOx heavy-duty trucks in the State’s two extreme non-attainment regions – South Coast Air Quality Management District and San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.

Now, the local air districts will work with the CARB Truck and Bus Rule program staff to solve any administrative and process questions that may arise due to the guideline changes. The Truck and Bus Rule compliance requirements take effect January 1, 2023. You can find CNGVC’s comment letter from the March 1st workshop under the “Written Comments” section of “Updates.”