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California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition Applauds Los Angeles MTA’s Vote to Purchase Buses Powered by Renewable Natural Gas

The California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition, SoCalGas and Clean Energy issued the following statement in response to today’s vote by the Los Angeles MTA board of directors to purchase several hundred natural gas buses:

“Today’s vote by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Board of Directors authorizing the purchase of nearly 300 natural gas buses is an important move in the fight to improve the region’s air quality. We applaud this action and view it as a critical step in ensuring that MTA remains the model for innovation and environmental leadership among public transit agencies nationally and abroad. This decision is a win for the residents of Los Angeles County, who – for far too long – have had to endure some of the worst air quality in the nation.

“By authorizing the purchase of zero-equivalent buses and fueling them with renewable natural gas, MTA will deploy game-changing, cutting-edge technology that can reduce exhaust emissions by as much as 98 percent when compared with MTA’s current buses. When accounting for the amount of coal-fired electric generation in large areas of the grid where MTA operates, buses powered by renewable natural gas can register even lower emission levels than a 100 percent battery bus.

“MTA staff confirmed in two separate board reports over the past 18 months that zero-equivalent buses fueled by 100 percent renewable natural gas would be most effective at reducing in-basin particulate matter, total carbon dioxide emissions, total greenhouse gas emissions, and total NOx from Metro’s fleet over the next 40 years as compared to transitioning to either electric or fuel cell buses.

“We support MTA’s leadership in procuring cutting-edge bus technology that will significantly improve regional air quality and save local taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.”

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