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Bill Tracker | 08.29.16

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August 29, 2016

The Coalition is tracking the following bills and others related to alternative fuels and vehicles throughout the legislative session. Aug. 31, when the Legislature adjourns at midnight, is the last day for each house to pass bills.

AB 197 | Author: Garcia

In brief: Requires CARB to prioritize emissions reduction projects in disadvantaged, highly polluted communities and to provide annual reports on the emissions of greenhouse gases, criteria pollutants, and toxic air contaminants for each facility reporting to the state board.
Details: Also adds two members of the Legislature to CARB as nonvoting members, requires the appointment of voting board members for staggered six-year terms, and creates a joint Climate Change Policies Committee with at least three Senate members and three Assembly members. AB 197 is double-joined to SB 32.
Status: On the governor’s desk.

AB 1550 | Author: Gomez

In brief: Requires that at least 25 percent of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund be invested in projects in disadvantaged communities. In addition, 5 percent of projects must benefit low-income communities and another 5 percent of projects must benefit low-income households near disadvantaged communities.
Status: Amended and referred to Senate Rules Committee.

AB 1613 | Authors: Assembly Budget Committee

In brief: Amends the Budget Act of 2016 to appropriate cap-and-trade auction proceeds from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. CARB would receive funds for the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, the Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program, heavy-duty vehicles, and off-road equipment investments.
Status: Ordered to third reading in the Senate.

AB 1964 | Author: Bloom

In brief: Removes the Department of Motor Vehicles’ limit of 85,000 HOV lane stickers for low-emission vehicles and allows the DMV to issue stickers until the sale of new vehicles in each low-emission category reaches 8.6 percent of the total new car market share for two consecutive years.
Status: Ordered to third reading in the Senate.

AB 2222 | Author: Holden

In brief: Supports transit pass programs that provide free or reduced-fare transit passes to specific pupils and students, and requires the Department of Transportation to develop the criteria that transit providers should use to make free or reduced-fare transit passes available.
Status: Held under submission in Senate Appropriations Committee.

AB 2722 | Author: Burke

In brief: Authorizes CARB to include the use of market-based compliance mechanisms. AB 2722 creates the Transformative Climate Communities Program, which would award competitive grants to plans that include greenhouse gas emissions reduction projects providing local economic, health, and environmental benefits to disadvantaged communities.
Details: The Coalition supports this bill because it is in line with the CNGVC’s mission to improve air quality through the reduction of greenhouse gas, NOx, and particulate matter emissions, especially in disadvantaged communities.
Status: Referred to Senate Rules Committee.

AJR 43 | Author: Williams

In brief: Urges Congress to enact a tax on carbon-based fossil fuels.
Status: Passed; headed to the governor’s desk.

SB 32 | Author: Pavley

In brief: Requires CARB to ensure that statewide greenhouse gas emissions are reduced to 40 percent below the 1990 level by 2030.
Details: This bill extends AB 32, which sets a GHG target for 2020. SB 32 is double-joined to AB 197.
Status: Passed; headed to the governor’s desk.

SB 1383 | Author: Lara

In brief: Requires CARB to implement a strategy to reduce short-lived climate pollutants below 2013 levels by 2030. Also establishes specific targets for reducing organic waste in landfills.
Details: Methane and hydrofluorocarbon gases must each be reduced by 40 percent, and anthropogenic black carbon must be reduced by 50 percent, below 2013 levels.
Status: Referred to Assembly Natural Resources Committee.

SB 1387 | Authors: De Leon, Allan, Lara

In brief: Until Jan. 1, 2025, adds three members to the South Coast Air Quality Management District Governing Board, all of whom must be representatives of nonprofit environmental justice organizations within the South Coast Air Basin.
Status: Ordered to third reading in the Assembly.

Photo ©Westport Innovations, used by permission

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