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Member Benefits: What the Coalition Can Do for You

Joining the California NGV Coalition may be the single most important thing NGV stakeholders can do to ensure that NGVs reach their full potential to succeed in the marketplace and to advance California’s air quality and climate goals. Members’ support and participation are essential to promoting effective state policies and removing market barriers.

As a member, you receive:

  • Access to policy makers via advocacy days and private meetings
  • Early information on key initiatives, including incentive programs and new state policies
  • Support for demonstration and testing programs
  • A voice on the CNGVC board or committees, depending on your membership level

Who should join?

  • Any business that sells, or wants to sell, NGVs or related products in California
  • Providers of natural gas fuels (including RNG/biomethane) in California
  • Fleets and other organizations that use NGVs and want to protect their investment
  • Others who support the development of NGVs

How to join

The California NGV Coalition offers two levels of membership, depending on your organization’s situation and desired level of participation. To learn more about becoming a member, please contact California NGV Coalition President Thomas Lawson.

Photo of Freightliner Cascadia tractor courtesy Southern California Gas Co.

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