Member Profile: Gladstein, Neandross & Associates—Driving Clean Transportation Forward for 25 Years

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates is determined to see widespread adoption of renewable natural gas in California—and beyond. The team of clean energy and advanced transportation consultants has big plans for next year, which build on the successes of 2017: millions more dollars in grant funding for clients, advocating for the use of renewable fuels, and providing research and analysis for all branches of the advanced transportation industry.

GNA, which will mark its 25th anniversary next year, works with many California NGV Coalition members and other fleets, vehicle manufacturers, and fuel providers. In addition to identifying funding opportunities and producing clean transportation events, the consultants perform emissions modeling, help with technical fleet planning, monitor government affairs, and provide communications and media services.

Taking full advantage of incentive funding

GNA’s most recent funding win is significant. In November, the firm wrote a grant that netted a CNGVC member company $500,000 to build a new CNG fueling station. “Including this latest grant win, our total grant awards for our clients to date is $428.5 million. GNA has a 92 percent application success rate,” said Erik Neandross, GNA’s CEO.

GNA’s Funding 360 is a group dedicated to knowing everything there is to know about the more than 500 local, state, and federal funding programs that can help companies switch to clean transportation technologies and fuels. Its members talk regularly with funding agencies to get a head start on grant solicitations and understand the qualifications so they can write targeted proposals. GNA also helps guide clients to the funding opportunities that best suit their needs and the funders that are most likely to respond positively to their projects.

In 2018, Neandross expects GNA’s total funding for clients to surpass the $500 million milestone, in part because of the Volkswagen settlement funds, which the funding group has been closely tracking.

Amplifying alt-fuel voices

To close out the year with a bang, GNA launched a digital news site called ACT News, which curates news from a variety of sources, including leading transportation publications. It also provides a platform for thought leaders representing the NGV industry as well as electric vehicles, connected and autonomous technologies, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and other advanced transportation technologies.

“ACT News will help the entire commercial vehicle industry stay up to date on the latest trends driving the future of the transportation sector,” said Neandross.

2018 events taking shape

GNA also produces several major clean transportation events: Rethink Methane, Advanced Clean Transportation Expo, and Natural Gas for High Horsepower Summit.

Rethink Methane, taking place in Sacramento February 6 and 7, is a policy-focused event focused on the benefits of renewable methane as a tool for achieving greenhouse gas emission reductions. ACT Expo, scheduled for April 30–May 3 in Long Beach, is a fleet-focused event that attracts stakeholders from across the advanced transportation industry, including NGV manufacturers, fuel providers, and regulators. The Natural Gas for High Horsepower Summit, which took place November 6–9 in Jacksonville, Florida, presents natural gas as a solution for high horsepower equipment operators aiming to significantly reduce fuel costs, improve environmental performance, and comply with important air quality regulations. Dates for the 2018 event have not yet been set.

“In all aspects of our business, whether through our consulting work or our events, GNA’s goal is to support market development for sustainable transportation and energy solutions,” said Neandross. “We have seen the transportation sector evolve tremendously over the last 25 years and look forward to the next 25 years and beyond.”