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The Coalition speaks

Coalition Joins CalETC in Advocating for LCFS

The following opinion piece by Coalition President Thomas Lawson and CalETC Executive Director Eileen Wenger Tutt recently ran in the Sacramento Bee. “Now more than ever, California’s pioneering energy policies are lights in the darkness for Americans who understand the threat posed by climate change and the urgent need for action. …”

The Coalition speaks

Coalition President Testifies in Favor of AB 197

Coalition President Thomas Lawson testified before the Assembly in favor of AB 197, which creates a legislative committee on climate change policies that will help guide CARB as the agency determines how to spend its funds to cut emissions.

The Coalition speaks

Coalition President Discusses NGVs on Charter Local Edition

Sacramento Local Edition host Brad Pomerance recently interviewed Coalition President Thomas Lawson on SB 32, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, the role of NGVs, and the importance of California’s climate change policies.

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