Natural Gas Vehicles: The Proven Alternative

The future has never been brighter for clean-running natural gas vehicles (NGVs). The growing adoption of NGVs in California—and worldwide—is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and dependence on expensive petroleum-based fuels.

The California NGV Coalition is working to get more NGVs in action moving goods and people, picking up trash and easing commutes; to support a robust fueling station network; and to spur development of renewable natural gas, or biomethane.
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Renewable Natural Gas: A Model Alternative

Renewable natural gas, also known as biomethane or biogas, delivers a double benefit: its production prevents pollution by using landfill methane that would otherwise be burned off or agricultural waste that would otherwise end up in our air, water and fields, and its use in vehicles cuts pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. In fact, compressed natural gas made from landfill gas is the lowest-carbon fuel available. Learn more >

Photo credits: banner courtesy Metro ©2008 LACMTA;
truck courtesy Baytech Corp.;
station courtesy Clean Energy Fuels